BH-TEC is located in an area of 535,000 m ², where 185,000 m ² were assigned for the construction of the facilities and 350,000 m ² were designated as the Environmental Preservation Area (EPA).

In addition to this vast Environmental Preservation Area, there are two other Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs), including the banks of the Córrego do Mergulhão (Mergulhão Creek) and of a swamp. The PPAs ensure the protection of the local ecosystem, making BH-TEC surroundings quite enjoyable for its users and visitors.

Environmental Impacts

  • Adoption of exemplary environmental practices and palliative measures of environmental impact, combining an impressive urban structure with environmental preservation
  • Management of the Environmental Preservation Area (EPA) of the 350,000 m ² park
  • Maintenance of the green areas
  • Fire prevention in the Park
  • Full compliance with all environmental restrictions in licensing processes
  • Support to technology development for promoting environmental sustainability by the tenant companies.

Sustainable features of the BH-TEC building

The BH-TEC main building was designed with thermal comfort and energy saving air conditioning in mind. The building follows an east-west orientation, and the facades are made of double walls with thermo-acoustic roof tiles. It also includes a rainwater harvesting system.