Supersonic helps companies of all sizes and segments to increase its sales over the Internet, making their sites sell better.

Using its own methodology, we applied a number of studies, research, techniques and tests on each project to increase the conversion rates of the site, ie, the percentage of visitors who enter the site and perform what is expected of them (a purchase, register, download material, etc.).

Increase the profitability of sites without having to increase the volume of visits received.

Supersonic is the first Brazilian company 100% focused on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO, English Conversion Rate Optimization).


Cases (in portuguese):

As we increase site conversions of a company in 662% by changing a single page: http://www.gosupersonic.com.br/estudo-caso/case-quality-training-rh/

 What TagPlus made to increase by 105% the number of leads generated by the company’s website?


As one of the largest real estate Brazil increased the conversion rate of your website in 604%: http://www.gosupersonic.com.br/estudo-caso/case-casa-mineira/

As we increased by 63% revenue from e-commerce changing only one fold: http://www.gosupersonic.com.br/case-cro-rs1/