Companies and institutions that are part of BH-TEC, whether tenant or not, receive support for the development of businesses based on the innovation of products and services: e serviços:

BH-TEC stands out as an environment that promotes interaction amongst technology companies, university and government agencies.

BH-TEC’s partner companies are  part of an environment that promotes closer ties with universities and research centers, by means of agreements and partnerships. An example of this is the Agreement signed between the Park and the UFMG School of Engineering, which aims to facilitate companies’ access to laboratories, professors, researchers as well as attract skilled labor. BH-TEC’s employees and partners can also make use of the University library system;

BH-TEC promotes partner companies and institutions through updates on social networks, the official page of the Park and in institutional presentations. BH-TEC also supports the press office for media releases;

Based on BH-TEC companies’ evaluations, the events (including Coffee on Friday and What’s on in BH-TEC) stimulate “cross fertilization” i.e., the cooperation in the exchange of tacit and codified knowledge amongst the companies and with the other players in the innovative system. The visits of authorities from the three levels of Government are among the networking opportunities offered by the Park, ;

BH-TEC companies have group access to contracts and partnerships to reduce the costs of services. An example of this is the agreement signed between BH-TEC and the Post-office that offer discounts and convenience for collecting mail;

BH-TEC companies have access to a special line of credit created by FAPEMIG in partnership with BDMG called PROPTEC. This line of credit provides easy access to credit with a maturity period of 60 months, a 12-month grace period and 9% interest a year. The collateral required is only the endorsement of the partners, and each company can finance up to R$ 2 million;

BH-TEC promotes and supports opportunities and events  fostering the creation of special conditions for the companies in the Park.


Contact with universities and research centers
Easier access to credit (emphasis on the PROPTEC/BDMG/FAPEMIG line)
Dissemination of opportunities and events
Promotion of networking
Tax incentives (IPTU – property tax; ISS – tax applied to the services provided to a third party by a company or professional)